My First Coaching Client

Hello beautiful!  I found you!!! OMG! How are you? I don’t know if you remember me but I must give testimony to you! I participated in your 49 Days2 Fabulous.com in 2009. I am Nameica Turk now Nameica Craig
I totally forgot about that drain in my life. But God brought you back to my remembrance 2 nights ago. You were apart of my spiritual growth and elevating. You helped me love me again and discover my purpose. It was until the other night that I remembered this. I am now a Purpose Coach, Writer, Speaker, Mentor and all things women’s empowerment! I facilitate workshops and seminars. I’m now having an online retreat in my closed Facebook group called “Fabulously Blessed & Purposeful” The retreat/online challenge is called Woman in the Mirror 21 Days of Affirmation.
One of the challenges I gave the ladies was to write a letter to themselves and post a photo of them in the mirror holding their letter. Some of the points I elaborate on are the power of speaking affirmations and journaling.
And as I sat at my desk typing the challenge something brought my experience with you sitting in my couch doing breathing techniques and you speaking life into me and praying.
I went to rambling through a stack of binders that I have not touched in about 6 years that I have moved with me from place to place lol and there it was! I opened it and begin to look through it and found my letter to myself and all my indent letters and assignments!
I was overjoyed! I said she poured into me what I’m pouring into others! I read my letter to myself to my ladies on FB live last night and everything in that letter I have become!
I’m so happy to have found you! I am still growing on my purpose journeying but I’m walking in it! I would love to speak with you and of course collaborate with you on a seminar, conference or retreat!
Since we lost touch I have divorced and remarried and gone through so much but God it’s all apart of the journey!
Again thank you and I look forward to your response and re-connecting with you.
Have a Fabulously Blessed day and weekend.
Nameica Craig,  Speaker & Author of Girl Affirm Yourself
This is the best testimonial I could ever receive. Always do your best because when you least expect it God sends an angel to affirm your efforts have not been in vain. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!
I am  More motivated and inspired than ever How Can I Help You Today? Please share your struggles There is a solution and we can work together to find your personal path to perfection!
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