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    Journaling Is An Inner Journey to Joy!

    We are living in a world where the comfort and security of our familiar lives has vanished, gone forever, At times leaving us isolated, lonely wary of the uncertainty of the future. The rug has been pulled from underneath our feet in every aspect of our lives. The doubt, anxiety, and exhaustive thirst for peace of mind is difficult if not impossible to find. To find balance, a holistic reset of mind, body & spirit is the remedy. We all experience trauma differently. There is no one size fit all system, nor any magic solution to this unprecedented situation. The good news is the solutions you seek or at least…

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    Starting Soon! The Journal of the Month Meeting

    Journal Writing has been such a healing, supporting & sustaining practice in my life that my devotion to paper and pen has become a favorite pastime.   Your journal is the place where your creativity can thrive.  There are not wrong answers, just write.  Journaling  helps to release anxiety, stress and ultimately improves the state of your health.  To  put it mildly, I’m obsessed with spreading the word and creating opportunities to help others experience the benefit of journal writing.  Join the list below and be on the lookout for a seven day intro class and start using your writing skills to enjoy the write way to Wisdom, Wealth, Beauty &…

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    Opulent Optimists Spring into Self Care

    Spring is the time to refresh, renew, recover & discover the very best friend who lives at the end of your pen.  Optimism is the key to Create the Life You Love.  Journal writing helps you to be clear on your purpose in life.  You deserve to have the Opulent Lifestyle you desire and require.  Opulent Health, Beauty, Wisdom & Wealth is the life you love and deserve to live. Let’s work together to create the life you love! Spring into Self-Love. Starting March 1, 2021.   Journals will be released this week!  We’ve love to have you with us on this Journey to Joy. Please sign the list below so…

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    Join The Opulent Optimists To Make Your Dreams Come True

    It is a fact that Optimistic people are healthier, happier and more productive because they choose to be.  There are eight steps to becoming more Optimistic.  We will be covering each of them and providing support to anyone who wishes to create the live they love!  Don’t miss the opulence we will create together in this special group devoted to celebrated our individual and collective personal perfection!  Join our Facebook group and be sure to leave your contact information so that we will know where to send your complimentary Optimism Checklist and other delights.