Balance !Wheel to Boost Immunity

Build A Healthy Immune System with The Life Balance Wheel

The Life Balance Wheel is the key to develop and maintain a healthy quality of life. To be truly healthy a Balanced Life is essential.  There are seven energy centers in the body called Chakras.  These energy centers correlate to the universal major organs, glands and body systems present in everyone.  When one of these energy systems that relate to the seven aspects of life in the balance wheel are out of balance, they all are out of balance.  These imbalances lead to disease in the spiritual, mental and then physical manifestation experience of illness.

The 49 Days/Ways to Fabulous Formula Makes Spirituality Simple because  The Balance Wheel builds confidence  lessens anxiety, frustration and confusion associated with the natural ups and downs of life.   The day of the week, color, scent, sound, stones, foods, natural remedies and feelings fuel our emotions to foster the most positive outcomes we all desire and deserve.  With this knowledge you are aware of tools that transform trauma into triumph!

For example, the foundation of life is family. Family relates to the skeletal system.  We need strong healthy bones to provide structure to our bodies, support movement and literally all we do in life.  In short, when the family structure is weakened, it is equivalent to a weaker bone structure that slows down our progress in life.  The root Chakra color is red, relates to healthy blood circulation system, the excretory organs, teeth and more.  Pure Rose Essential Oil, Beets, Plums, Red Grapes, Red Peppers, Red Potatoes, Hibiscus root and other red foods & herbs support the first Chakra. I look forward to sharing more about how you can benefit from applying the seven aspects of The Balance Wheel of Life to you and your friends, family and loved ones.  For information on quality essential oils and more Please visit:

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Boost Your Immune System with The Life Balance Wheel.