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Journaling Is An Inner Journey to Joy!

We are living in a world where the comfort and security of our familiar lives has vanished, gone forever, At times leaving us isolated, lonely wary of the uncertainty of the future.

The rug has been pulled from underneath our feet in every aspect of our lives. The doubt, anxiety, and exhaustive thirst for peace of mind is difficult if not impossible to find. To find balance, a holistic reset of mind, body & spirit is the remedy.

We all experience trauma differently. There is no one size fit all system, nor any magic solution to this unprecedented situation. The good news is the solutions you seek or at least the direction you desire are waiting for you in quality time spent with your paper and pen. Developing a journal writing habit is a time-tested tool to transform trauma into triumph! It’s the inspiration that motivates you  to create the life you love!

Aha! When you listen to the whispers of wisdom that come from within and record them in your very best journal friend, the comfort of the writing routine activates the inner sanctuary that lightens the load of any care and concern.

Yes, if you will just take the time to allow yourself to unwind, you will most certainly achieve that elusive yet most precious peace of mind.

There are seven specific steps to develop a writing ritual. Over the next week, starting July 7th at 7pm on Instagram @drmarilynjohnson, we will discuss each step to develop a daily writing ritual.

Head over to payhip.com/drmarilynjohnson  to download your infographic for only $1

I hope you will join us on this inner voyage journaling to joy, pave your personal path to perfection and exercise your options to become Opulently Optimistic!

Please join us on this journey by  reserving your space via email at 49days2fabulous@gmail.com

Here’s to your



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