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Welcome to the 5 Decade D.I.V.A.S. Destination

You’ve Lived for Everyone Else. Now It’s Time to Live for Yourself!

Have you been wishing for a place to relax and recharge from the challenges of living five or more decades on this planet?  If so, welcome home, this is the place for you!

The Health & Beauty Industry pressures us to be forever young and thin.  The truth is many of us never did or no longer fit the standard beauty trends. Our classic beauty, experience and wisdom that can only be earned,  is not appreciated due to age, weight or many other factors.

Following a comprehensive search of on and offline locations, it is clear that we need a safe space to share our wisdom, wealth, beauty, health and virtually everything else. Most communities are designed to serve 20 and 30 somethings that just don’t meet the needs of our current journey through life.

If you have lived five or more decades, you’ve covered lots of ground in mind, body, and spirit. While I don’t even pretend to know everything about you, there are a few things that I’m almost certain we share in common. Let’s discuss them here:

You are D.ivinely I.nspired, V.isionary, A.ligned, & S.assy.

Would you enjoy being part of a Self-Care Community where you can not only safely and securely survive but thrive?

You Deserve the Best Life Has to Offer and Here at The Five Decade DIVAS, You Come First. Self-Love & Self-Care is Served Here.

Let’ Start with Keeping Track of How You Care for You.

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Thanks so much for Your Effort and Time!

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