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Aromatherapy For Beauty, Health, Wisdom & Wealth!

Welcome to my Doterra website my.doterra.com/drmarilynjohnsonnd  The benefits of essential oils along with their versatility has been the major passion of my life for the past three decades.  The hypnotic, invigorating, relaxing yet healing allure of Neroli, Ylang Ylang lovely Lavender, and many others, aroused a curiosity that has uplifted depression, checked respiratory issues, smoothed cellulite, arrested acne, and so much more for me and thousands of friends and clients over the years.


On my quest to learn as much as possible about the benefits of essential oils, I earned certification from Silvana Casani in London, England, the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in San Rafael, California as well as numerous classes and training to learn more about the amazing art and science of Aromatherapy.


Those who know me well will tell you that I am a worker bee.  I love using my time wisely and there is nothing more fun than setting a goal and reaching it.  To that end, I completed a Masters Degree in Professional Writing and earned a Doctorate in Naturopathy.  Because the balance of the mind, body, spirit, and money are essential aspects of holistic living, I also practice and teach Yoga, Zumba and recently became a licensed instructor of Zumbini, a family fun and bonding dance program for caregivers and their children aged 0-4.


In addition to training in Europe, I spent time in Nigeria as a Project Manager for a health study through the University of Pittsburgh; and as Health Educator & Research Evaluator at Morehouse School of Medicine.  Each of these experiences has helped me to test and validate the benefit of essential oils in any situation.  The anti-aging and preserving characteristics of essential oils led me to become a licensed esthetician and Esthetic Instructor.  These skills have provided me with the opportunity to share the miracle and simplicity of aromatherapy with attendees of health & beauty trade shows for over 20 years.


Now is such an exciting time for anyone to become competent with the use of essential oils because they are a very inexpensive method to support, balance and heal the total body, mind, workplace & home without debilitating side effect.  Another benefit of essential oils is the effects of using them are cumulative. A drop of Rosemary in the morning bath wakes us up and gets things going. A whiff of Peppermint in the afternoon replaces the craving for coffee and sugary sweets associated with the natural response to take a siesta which in the demanding lifestyles of today is not often possible.


Babies, children, pets, and of course adults thrive when the proper part of the plant used to obtain the essential oil is expertly blended or when we just take a guess based upon our trusty intuition.  Whatever essential oils smell good to you is usually good for you!  By now, surely you are wondering why Doterra? I chose to join Doterra because of the quality of the essential oils, the education, and training as well as the family atmosphere they provide to help me and those who choose to join our team become even more successful than we already are.  Doterra has a broad range of essential oils, blends, and personal care products that promise to improve your quality of life in mind, body, spirit & money!

I look forward to serving you as your Wellness Advocate because DoTerra provides a comprehensive easy to manage daily routine to guide you along your path to mental, physical, spiritual and financial wellness.  Whatever you may need to create the life you love, we have it here at Doterra.  Please reach out to me with any questions and to receive information about upcoming events, special deals etc.  All are designed with your special needs in mind because you deserve the very best without side effects. Join us to experience the sweet smell of success with DoTerra.  Thanks so much for stopping by my website.


Best Wishes with Gratitude!!!

Living the Healthy Way with Dr. MJ


Please feel free to take a look around and I think you will agree that Aromatherapy Makes Good Scents.  This is the title of an ebook I wrote years ago and recently published.  It is available @ http://payhip.com/b/DVyk

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