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Learn What Your Soul Wants You To Know

Your special Mission in life is waiting to reveal itself to you!  If you are reading this message, your Soul has great news for you! You are going to make such a great difference in the lives of your friends, family, loved ones and yes people that you don’t even personally know.  The world is waiting for the difference you were born to make and with a Soul Coaching Session, you will take the first step to creating the life you love and deserve to live.

If you are like many of us, you get a great idea and start to work on it and somehow something comes up to distract you from completing the project.  This has happened to me more times than I care to count, however, I’ve made up my mind that with 2018 being the year of new beginnings, I am breaking through the barriers and allow my soul to order my steps to create the life I love and deserve to live. Providing you with Soul Coaching opens the way to blocked blessings, abundance, prosperity, good health, and happiness to come pouring into you!

Many sensitive people like us the fear of what other people think stops us in our tracks because we don’t want to live or be alone in life because if we talk about our sacred ideas and concepts, most people will think you are weird or worse.  I am here to provide you with the confidence and tools to live your truth; no matter what.

Soul Coaching is not therapy, nor am I acting as your medical doctor in any way.  Soul Coaching Sessions use Oracle cards to encourage and motivate you to be at your very best because the messages of truth come from within your very own spirit and soul. These beautiful Oracle cards gently and lovingly provide wisdom that comes from within your very own soul.  Who wouldn’t want to know how to access the love and support from your loving guides devoted to helping to protect and provide you with the information you need to live in the sacred space of safety and healing for yourself and everything you need to know to grow as you need it.

Finally, the Soul Coaching sessions work with the Life Balance Wheel that explains the seven steps of self-mastery that make the dream of peace and harmony between the mind, body, spirit, and money become real and accessible to you and those you influence.  Living with an attitude of gratitude assures that your mission becomes clear as we work together to guide you on your personal path to perfection.  Don’t delay to learn what your Soul wants you to know.  Join the masses of people whose intention and results have become clear and defined as we work together to tap into the power within and win in mind, body, money, and spirit.

To schedule your session visit https://thepamperparlor.as.me/ or send me a facebook message, marilynjohnson,nd or on IG@drmarilynjohnson.

I look forward to working with you with this special tool to transform trauma into triumph. Best Wishes as you live your dreams in 2018.

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