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Specialized Education Is Free! If You Know Where To Look

https://www.extension.harvard.edu/ offers a variety of free online classes available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of this opportunity.  I am exhausted from watching so many of us languish in mediocrity because we don’t have the skill set to survive much less thrive in this very specialized and niche playing field we must navigate.

What really brought me to seek information so that I could be current with what is going on in the world is because of the following:

I have been trying to become and effective blogger for the last five years or so.  Try as I may, there was always a technological obstacle that discouraged me from reaching this goal in the manner I desire.

Time constraints.  It really requires time and focus on creating, developing, and marketing content when you  are not even sure yet of who your audience (readers) really are.

The movie Hidden Figures.  If Mrs. Kathleen Johnson could be almost solely responsible for assuring that John Glenn navigation path sent and returned him safely to and from outer space, I damn sure can figure out how a computer works and write a decent blog (lol)

For those of us 40 and over, computers are truly a challenge because we grew up without them.  For those 50,60 years of age and beyond; well we just have to be persistent and determined.  In fact, seniors are the largest group of newbies coming online, because some of us have the time, others like me just want to be able to let their voice be heard and make a living online.

The vision of making a living while I frolic in the sun or take a leisurely nap is just too alluring to not make this soul goal of mine become real.

Anyway, many of you have responded with an interest in Harvard Extensions free CS50 Online Computer Class.  It is for complete newbies, however, after the first few minutes of viewing week 0, I know I have my work cut out for me, and you most likely do too.  What I’d like to propose is that some of us take the class together and work as a team to develop our computer skills.  This class is the foundation that metaphorically is like creating the roux for a great gumbo.

No matter what your motivation, there is very other than digitized activity running the world as we know it today.  I have no plans of being left behind, and from the response, I’m receiving neither are many of you! Please subscribe so that we can continue to grow and share our computer information together.

Have an awesome day!  After all, it is up to you.  The purpose of life is to enjoy!



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