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Happy Holidays! We Are Family!


Regardless of your spiritual persuasion, today is a celebration! Enjoying family, friends, food, and festivities are on the menu today. Family is the foundation for the first step to self-mastery.  Like it, love it, or want to ignore it, everything we are today began with our family.  The influence of family members during our formative years is where we begin to lose or win!

The formative years from birth to age seven are the most significant in mind, body, and spirit! It is often said that as adults we spent the next 50 years trying to undo whatever happened in the first five years. In the 49Days2FabulousFormula examining our nuclear family as they relate to the family of mankind demonstrates how we are all connected.  Yes, we have a personal responsibility to pave a path to perfection that comes from within.  When we listen to those “Whispers of Wisdom from Deep Within” you can expect nothing less than a miracle

Let’s come together and write our way to health, wisdom, and wealth by describing how our family real or imagined has helped us to create the life we love!  Share your family story in the comments below.

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